Education and community

Aedes Ensemble's second life

The Ensemble Aedes is artist in residence in Burgundy and Picardy. It develops a real parallel season dedicated to education and community as important as its concerts season. The Ensemble is committed to educational projects for high school students, as well as for singers and conductors, amateurs or young professionals. Deeply committed to sharing music everywhere and with everyone the Ensemble Aedes is willing to promote music in isolated areas such as hospitals and prisons.

Aspiring young artists in Auxerre and Oise

As it is artist in residence at the Théâtre d’Auxerre and at the Théâtre Impérial de Compiègne the Ensemble Aedes is committed to high schools. Those actions take place within five working cessions and introduce kids to collective vocal work, polyphony and classical music. At the end of the working cessions those students perform the works they studied with the Ensemble Aedes.

Trainings and masterclasses for choristers and conductors

Transmission to young professionals is part of the Ensemble’s mission. The Ensemble is committed to sharing its experience and to giving young professionals working keys. Thus Mathieu Romano and the Ensemble’s singers regularly work with young conductors and choristers. The Ensemble Aedes already collaborated with the Fédération des Chorales de l’Oise, the Fédévoix of Yonne as well as the Studio Choral de l’Aisne.

Fédération des Chorales de l’Oise

Actions choeur

Christmas concerts in hospitals

Since 2011 the Ensemble Aedes performs its programme « Noël enchanté » in hospitals around Paris each year in December. The singers then go through hospital services to bring music to people unable to move.

Actions hopitaux

Collaboration with the association Tournesol, artistes à l’hôpital

In 2015 the Ensemble Aedes started a new collaboration with the association Tournesol, artistes à l’hôpital. This association is committed to developing artistic projects within hospitals and health care centres. Thus the Ensemble Aedes performs for hospitalized patients and organizes choral trainings for the nursing staff. This new collaboration enables the Ensemble Aedes to reach isolated audiences at all time of the year.

More about association Tournesol

Concert at the Joux la Ville detention center

The Ensemble Aedes performs each year at the Joux la Ville detention center.